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Hot Rod Bomber Seats

Hot Rod Bomber Seats

Bomber Seats

Bomber Side

Bomber Bottom

These are perfect for a real hot rod that actually sees the road!  The bomber seat style with something a little more comfy (original bomber seats suck after sitting in them for a few hundred miles). Available in either red or black pleated vinyl, the padding is new quality upholstery foam, and provides good support. These are not show quality and have some tool marks and light scratches and may need light deburring. Thats why they are $350 a pair instead of the $800 each. Don't forget to include the cost of the pad and upholstery when comparing prices.   Made of 0.060 aluminum sheet and 3/4 plywood with real aluminum rivits, our seats are approximately 19" deep, 22" tall, and 18" wide with a 20 degree seat back. The bottoms have four 3/8 course thread mounting holes that you can use to mount them. 

Seats can be made an inch or two wider or narrower.  Also, if you want a different upholstery you can look here http://www.garysupholstery.com/ .  It will cost the price of the vinyl plus shipping (usually 30-60 dollars extra) and take about 14 days extra. Email robmeacham@yahoo.com for special orders

Seats are made up as ordered so allow up to two weeks to ship except in mid Augaust when you really should be at Bonneville Speedweek instead of working on your rod. We usually make it to the Portland Swapmeet every year, also.  http://www.rottenleonard.com/


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