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Push Through Bullet Lubrisizer Instructions
The punch snaps into the press ram just as a shell holder would. Lower the punch down through the press frame threads and it will snap into the front of the press ram.
The die body is threaded for standard 7/8-14 reloading press frames and the inside is reamed to 0.002 inch larger than the largest die available. Raise the ram and punch to the top of it’s stroke. Slip the die body over the punch and start to screw the body into the press frame The lube pump, made up of the reservoir, piston, screw and cap, slide over the die body and locate with a set screw in the end of the reservoir that locates into a hole in the side of the die body. The reservoir can be attached either to the right or left side of the die body. The pump screw has a left hand thread so the screw is turned clockwise to advance the piston. This forces lube from the reservoir, through the hole in the side of the die body, around the die, through the holes in the die and finally into the lube grooves in the bullet.
The die screws into the top of the die body and seats against the top of the bore of the die body to form a seal to keep the bullet lube in place. Use a small hex wrench or similar item to snug the die in the body.  
After the lube groves have been filled, turn the screw counter clockwise to relieve the pressure in the reservoir and keep from lubing the bullet noses. The press ram is lowered, a second bullet is placed through the window in the die body, the ram is raised pushing the bullet into the die and pushing the first bullet up into the counter bore at the top of the die. The first bullet can then be removed, inspected and boxed. The screw is advanced (clockwise) forcing lube into the groves of the second bullet, reversed (counterclockwise) to relieve pressure, the press ram lowered and the third bullet inserted into the die body window. A common 1/2 inch box wrench is used to turn the screw.  

To load bullet lube into the lube pump, unscrew the cap (counter clockwise) about three turns and slide the piston, screw and cap assembly out of the reservoir. The reservoir will hold about two sticks depending on brand of lube. The best way to fill the reservoir is to melt the lube in a double boiler and pour it into the reservoir. SPG at (www.blackpowderspg.com/history_body.html next to the last paragraph) has a good description of how to melt bullet lube. As with any bullet lubricator, this method avoids trapped air in the reservoir. Back the piston up the screw (left hand thread: counter clockwise), carefully slip the piston back into the reservoir and screw the cap back on. If it is inconvenient to melt the lube, skewer the stick of lube on the screw and mash it into the reservoir until the cap meets the threads on the reservoir. You may need to alternately turn the screw a half turn counter clockwise each time you turn the cap a half turn clock wise. Leave the cap a quarter turn or so loose to let air escape. When the piston reaches the end of it’s travel at the bottom of the reservoir it is no longer full engages on the screw. Be careful. Applying excess pressure to try to force just a little more lube out could strip the threads in the aluminum piston.

Where the lube is applied along the bullet’s shank is adjusted by screwing the die body up or down in the press frame and locking it in place with the lock ring. In the picture at left, the die body should be screwed down in the press frame so that the bottom grove is filled and the nose is not greased. Think of the bullet as in a fixed position at the top of the punch at the top of the ram stroke. Screwing the die body and the die up or down in the press frame moves where the lube is applied up or down. The lube holes in the die body span 0.4 inches longitudinally. Position rings around the punch facilitate lubing bullets with more than .4 inches of lube rings. Pick out a ring that, as it appears at the bottom of the window, allows filling the top grove, apply pressure to the lube pump, with pressure on, continue raising the ram to fill the bottom groves at the top of the ram stroke. Dies with two (0.3 inches for single grease grove pistol type bullets) and four (0.54 inches ) rows of holes are also available
The Push Through Lubrisizer is designed for soft black powder lubes such as SPG lub. If you want to use a harder lube, put the Lubrisizer in a warm place until the lube softens. It’s made of aluminum and steel. Of course it is NOT MICROWAVE SAFE! It will probably blow up and set your house afire if you put it in the oven. Think about what you are doing!
The tapered end of a 7/16 socket set screw in the end of the reservoir fits into a 3/8 hole in either side of the die body and locates the reservoir on the die body.
Seat the die in the die body using a hex wrench or a small rod.
Insert the punch into the front of the press ram just as you would a shell holder.
A standard 1/2 inch box wrench is used to apply pressure to the lube and then to relieve the pressure. A ratcheting wrench does not work as well.