S. D. Meacham Tool & Hardware Co. Inc.
To cover shipping and processing, $12 will be added to every order. 
Got questions?  Ready to order? Call me: 208-400-0457  Please note  that this is a new  number.
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My old web site.

My old web site is still up at www.meachamrifles.com : Varberger rifle, Carl Kaps rifle scopes, Meacham Highwall actions, Photography for sale and miscellaneous for sale. 

People we make parts for

Hot Rod Parts
Bomber seats, gas tanks, door panels, interment panels, pantograph tracer:  www.rottenleonard.com
Intake and exhaust flanges, header components:  www.hellsgatehotrods.com

Timber Harvesters: 

Black Powder Cartridge Links
Buffalo Arms Company: Reloading tools, firearms, Shooting supplies, bullet moulds.  www.buffaloarms.com