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Easy Seater Straight Line Bullet Seating Die
Bullet and case mouths shown in a cut-away Easy Seater Die.

Note that the the sliding sleeve holds the bullet in perfect alignment as the the case mouth comes up around the bullet.
What are it’s advantages?

The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE is fast. The bullet window is above the press frame and right up front. No more fumbling with tiny or delicate bullets under the press frame where you can’t see.

Unlike conventional seating dies and even other straight line seating dies, the EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE allows you to but the bullet through the side of the die instead of trying to balance the bullet on the case neck. The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE reduces the chance of damaging the edges of the bullet base by bumping into the case neck, starting the bullet crooked or dropping the bullet on the floor.

Because the EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE does such a good job of holding the bullet straight with and centered over the case neck, it is no longer necessary to bell the case mouth when seating cast lead bullets. Just a good chamfer is all that is necessary. Your expensive cases will last a lot longer because the brass of the case neck will be worked less. Reloading goes faster and lead shaving is eliminated.

Who needs it?

The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE is ideal for cast bullet shooters. Bullets are seated straight, without lead shaving and without case belling.

The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE is great for varmint hunters and competitive shooters. Bullets are seated absolutely straight with the case neck and very quickly. It is the fastest way to load really accurate ammunition.

The micrometer top on the EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE is just what is needed for fine tuning cartridge overall length for best accuracy.

Shooters who reload for many different cartridges will find the EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE less expensive than buying a micrometer straight line die for each cartridge. One inner guide sleeve will work for all cartridges of any given bullet diameter. Additional calibers can be accommodated relatively inexpensively by just replacing the inner sleeve and seating stem.

The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE allows long action cartridges like the 30-06 to be loaded in the ANYWHERE RELOADING PRESS which was designed for short action cartridges like the 308 Win. The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE even allows the ANYWHERE PRESS to load the 45-100 with 535 grain Postell bullets

What are its limitations?

The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE will not work with short cases. Put an empty cartridge into the correct shell holder in the reloading press in which you intend to use the die. raise the ram to the top of its stroke. If the mouth of the case does not extend above the top of press frame by the bullet seating depth plus 3/8 of and inch for the die locking ring, then the die will not work in your press with that cartridge. To work easily, you must be able to set the die so that bottom of the window is above the lock ring. The bottom end of the seating stem must be high enough to slide the bullet under. In practical terms, cartridges shorter than the 38-55, 45-70, 22-250,  300 Savage are not going to work well in a Rock Chucker press without using one of our Easy Seater Ram Extensions or an extended shell holder. The 44 Mag and 22 Hornet will work with the ram extension if you ask us to turn 01 inch off of the bottom of the die body when you order.  Cartridges like the 45 ACP are just too short to work with this die.

How is it available?

The EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE is available for .461 to .458, .450-.448(45 paper patch), .447 .446, .416, .411 to .408, .383 to.375, .338, .323 to .321,.312 to 308, .284, .264, .258 .257, .243, .224, .223 .204, .172 bullets.

Please note: The sliding sleeves are sold in 0.002 increments.  If you order an die or sleeve and punch set for 0.308 bullets, as an example, we will send a sleeve marked .309 which is correct for bullets of 0.309 and 0.308 inches in  diameter. The sleeve will actually be reamed 0.311.  We have found that The sleeves that will probably be used with cast/lubed bullets need about 0.002 inches of clearance.  Sleeves that will probably be used with jacketed bullets, .284 and down, are reamed 0.001 over the marked bullet diameter.  We have not been able to detect any increase in bullet run out when using jacketed bullets in the larger caliber sleeves.

Easy Seater Straight Line Bullet Seating Die Includes one die body, sleeve and bullet seating punch, micrometer top and lock ring.  $149.95

Sleeve and punch sets.            $39.95

Extra bullet seating punches     $23.00
 Order complete dies and extra sleeve and punch sets by bullet diameter.

Easy Seater Ram Extension      $34.95

Powder Compression Punch       $23.00
Order by caliber 45, 40, 38, 32

Easy Seater Ram Extension

The Ram Extension is an accessory for the Easy Seater die that is used when reloading cartridges that are too short to come up above the top of the press frame. The Ram Extension works just like an extended shell holder. A central set screw locks your standard shell holder into the top of the ram extension and then the ram extension slips into the top of our press ram raising your shell holder op 3/4 of an inch and getting you back into the adjustment range of your Easy Seater die 

The photo at the right illustrates why the Ram Extension is sometimes necessary.

A cut-away Easy Seater die is mounted in a Rock Chucker press.  I have screwed the seating stem down to seat the 525 gr. 1.325 inch long .458 inch diameter bullet to give an over all cartridge length of 2.862 inch in a 2.100 inch 45-70 case. The seating depth is 1.325 - (2.862 - 2.1) = 0.563 inch.  I have used marker to color the end of the seating punch so that it can be seen in the photo.  An identical bullet is standing on the die body locking ring. As you can see there is not enough room the get a bullet between the bullet seating stem and the top of the locking ring. 
In the photo at right the shell holder has been locked into a Ram Extension and this as you can see the assembly was placed in the press ram.  The top of the shell holder hits on the bottom of the die body before the ram comes to the top of its stroke but even without adjusting for this, but with the seating stem adjusted to the same cartridge over all length, there is ample room to get the next bullet under the seating stem 
​When working with the Easy Seater Die, remember that the bullet is located by the sleeve and the end of the bullet seating stem and the case must come up around the bullet far enough to give the correct seating depth.  As you can see, with the shell holder mounted in the ram as usual This 32-20 case  (1.32inch. the 357 case is 1.29 as is the 4 mag) does not come close to coming above the top of the press frame.  The locking ring will make the situation worse. 
In the photo above, you can see the bottom of the Ram Extension in the press ram.  The seating depth of the 32-20 bullet is marked on the case neck and there is enough room for the locking ring.  By using the Ram Extension, the Easy Seater Die can be used to load the longer pistol cartridges.  
Powder Compression Stem
 for the
 Easy Seater Die
The micrometer feature of the EASY SEATER STRAIGHT LINE SEATING DIE allows easy return to previously recorded bullet seating depth. This same feature allows precise adjustment of the amount of compression of the black powder charge so that the charge will exactly fill the volume under the seated bullet. This feature also allows the powder compression stem to be exactly returned to a previously recorder compression depth. 

The powder compression stem should never be used to compress charges of smokeless powders. Black powder should be compressed slowly to avoid any compression heating and possible detonation. Operating the press slowly will help to avoid damaging the cartridge case if it is not properly aligned with the compression stem as the stem starts into the case mouth. Consult published loading data for information on the charge weight and amount of compression for the cartridge you are loading.

  The picture at the right shows a Powder Compression Stem being installed in an Easy Seater Die.  The Bullet Seating Stem, shown to the right of the die body, is first screwed out of the micrometer top. Then the  Powder Compression Stem is screwed into the bottom of the micrometer top of an  Easy Seater Die. Leave the sliding sleeve in the die to help guide the Powder Compression Stem and protect the case mouth. 

Installing the Powder Compression Stem

1. Screw the micrometer top off of the Easy Seater die.
2. Slide the spring off of the bullet seating stem and unscrew the seating stem from the micrometer top using a 3/32 hex wrench through the 1/8 inch hole near the top of the stem.
3. Clean the bottom of the micrometer top and the shoulder and threads of the powder compression stem
4. Screw the Powder Compression Stem into the bottom of the micrometer top and tighten the thread lightly with the hex wrench.
5. Screw the micrometer top back into the Easy Seater body and adjust to the desired height.
6. Depending on the particular cartridge, load, and amount of compression, you may be able to leave the seating guide sleeve in the Easy Seater body to help guide the case over the Compession stem. If the guide sleeve bottoms on the set screw in the back of the die body it will start to crimp the case mouth. Loosen the set screw and drop the guide sleeve out of the die body and continue without the guide sleeve.