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Peck ID 83545

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Welcome to Meacham Tool & Hardware Co. Inc.
Where we make reloading tools designed especially for Single Shot and Black Powder Cartridge Rifle shooters.

We bring thirty-five years of experience in shooting, reloading for and building single shot rifles bear on the unique problems of reloading black powder cartridges, paper patch bullets, and cast bullets. We borrow heavily from the tools used by bench rest shooters but we are mindful of the problems introduced by soft lead bullets and powder fouling. We understand that sometimes you will want to load jacketed bullets and smokeless powder. Whether for competition, hunting or just for the pleasure of shooting, we have the tools to load cartridges for your single shots rifles.

Our commitment to quality of design and manufacturing shows throughout our line of reloading tools. Made in the U.S.A. - of course!